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Twitter took action against Alex Jones and his InfoWars show, claiming “abusive behavior,” and referencing videos posted Wednesday which showed him humiliating CNN journalist Oliver Darcy approximately 10 minutes between two congressional hearings on social media.

Also present at the hearing was Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO who seemed uncomfortable with the InfoWars presence. 

Dorsey has been under pressure for the last 4 years to ban Jones from his platform and following the lead of other social media sites, it seems he has finally given in to the demands. 


CBS states that David Greene, civil liberties director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the banning of Jones is almost a distraction to a real debate he believes people should have about how content should be moderated on platforms controlled by just a few giant companies.

“Whether the stuff he posted yesterday really crossed the line, as opposed to other stuff, I don’t know,” Greene said.

The EFF supports a series of content moderation principles for all social media companies that call for disclosure of numbers on enforcement actions, clear user notifications that explain when and why their posts are removed, and an appeal process that has to be reviewed by humans.

Jones heckled Darcy in a Capitol Hill hallway where reporters were waiting to enter the House committee at which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was to appear. Jones later apparently attempted to chase Dorsey out of the building.

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