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Two weeks later and Twitter still won’t answer why they suspended official Hungarian Government accounts, @abouthungary and @RMXnews.


Zoltan Kovacs, a spokesman for Hungary’s government believes the suspension is part of an international effort to put pressure on the nation for their recent policies introduced to the European Commission regarding billionaire George Soros.


An official letter was sent to Twitter from the Cabinent Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary asking for transparency on the suspensions. 

Kovacs retains that Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s anti-migration policies are the real problem for the tech giant and his “illiberal democracy” in the international media, stating that “it seems that the beautiful new world has finally arrived, in which tech giants are silencing those who hold different opinions than loopy liberals.”

@abouthungary has been restored, also without explanation, while @RMXnews remains banned. 

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