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Mark Zuckerberg is rolling out his Ministry of Truth panel, an “oversight board” that users can appeal their content moderations to. 

The goal, Facebook claims, is to form “a group of 40 experts who will review Facebook’s most challenging decisions to allow or remove content from Facebook or Instagram. Exercising independent judgement, the Board will have the power to reverse Facebook’s decisions to remove content, as well as recommend changes to Community Standards.”

The unveiling on the members of the Oversight Board show anything but an impartial group. 

The vast majority are professors for ivory tower schools, the rest comprise of journalist and liberal media heads, and one George Soros’ Open Society activist:

Government is outsourcing totalitarianism, but don’t worry because it’s diverse!

“Considerations for global diversity on the Board include gender; geography; varying cultural and political backgrounds; and a range of professional experience in free speech, human rights, civil society, publishing/media/journalism, academia, anthropology, corporate, content moderation, ethics, government, judicial, law enforcement, legal, national security, online and public safety, privacy, psychology, or statistics, for example.”

Except don’t expect a lot of diversity in thought here.

There is not much optimism that the censorship unique to conservatives will be lessened because of this new thought-court. 

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