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Twitter is doing a victory lap tonight, after Jack Dorsey was summoned to testify before a Senate committee about their platform’s overreaching censorship of conservative speech. 

Around 9pm on Wednesday, the social media company hijacked Roz’s Twitter account.

Roz, a Kurdish-American woman and self-proclaimed conservative “political junkie” has been increasing in popularity on the site. Twitter, as part of her public flagellation, rewrote all of her tens of thousands of tweets – and even her bio – to read: “@PolitiKurd’s account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy.”

Roz’s account dates back to 2011 but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from unveiling their new technology that allows them to change a user’s personal tweets to read and reflect whatever they would like it to. 

Twitter told Roz that the reason for her suspension was due to the “violence” in her profile picture which featured Halloween-esque makeup.

Of course Twitter has not applied this random Community Standard equally across the board. 

A quick search of “Halloween makeup” on Twitter fetches thousands of images of creatives experimenting with makeup to simulate gore and violence. 

Her account was archived last on October 8th, 2020 (read it here).

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