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Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are now actively censoring election forensic information used to find abnormalities and potential voter fraud. 

All while they claim there is “no evidence of widespread voter fraud”. 

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit was forced to delete his own tweet which compared the Benford’s Law of anomalous numbers and the votes that Joe Biden received. 

According to a 2007 article from The Economist regarding election forensics, “Such analyses [Benford’s Law] are considered a simple, though not foolproof, method of identifying irregularities in election results and helping to detect electoral fraud.” 

So why would Twitter suspend users that share this information? It does highlight the possibility of widespread voter fraud which would contradict the massive amount of disclaimers Twitter has been applying to conservative’s tweets about the election. 

Going forward, expect more censorship of valid information if it does not hold to the new Party’s narrative

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