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Late Monday evening, Twitter user @somebitchiknow had a platform shaking revelation. After sitting on a strange text message her mother received on Election Day by a non-profit organization asking if she had voted yet in a state she no longer resided in, the internet slueth who goes by L, started checking into her mother’s voting history.

What she discovered was jarring: somebody casted a mail-in-vote in another state, under her maiden name. She took this to Twitter where her suspicions were confirmed when other users began reporting the same thing had happened to them or their loved ones. 

The discovery was branded #MaidenGate and quickly began trending on Twitter, becoming #1 in the US by the next day.

And then Twitter suspended her account.  

L, who had amassed a significant following on Twitter, wouldn’t just let the discovery die quietly. She appealed to the Twitter Lords and moved her message to other platforms like Parler

What makes L so dangerous? Well, she singlehandedly destroyed the social media approved narrative that voter fraud doesn’t exist while uncovering the voter fraud racket of the century. 

What is #MaidenGate? It’s the premise that a huge amount of ballots were illegally cast in the 2020 U.S. elections by using women’s maiden names. That’s where it started anyway. When people began checking for themselves, they found ballots cast in their names in states they no longer lived it, or after any name change – for adoption, transgendered reasons or marriage/divorce.

With a bit of help, L was able to post on her personal website a huge resource for everybody to investigate this fraud themselves: – #MaidenGate

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