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Never Trumpers parading as conservatives known as The Lincoln Project (@projectlincoln) were temporarily suspended on Twitter after doxxing two private lawyers for President Trump.

The Lincoln Project has received a massive amount of donations as they project themselves as part of the resistance. For all that money, most of what they have accomplished is stealing memes and now doxxing private citizens as they support President Trump’s re-election efforts. 

The tweet was posted on Tuesday and was reported for the harassment.  

Lincoln Project tweet doxxing President Donald Trump’s lawyers violates Twitter’s term of service, a Twitter spokesman told the Daily Caller News Foundation that The Lincoln Project tweet violated Twitter’s term of service. A spokesperson clarified around 2:30 that the Lincoln Project account must delete the Tweet before “regaining access to their account.”

They have since deleted the tweet and continue to make calls for targeted harassment of supporters of President Trump, calling on their followers to harass individuals:

Lincoln Project is also asking their followers to abuse whistleblower tip lines, hoping to clog up mailboxes and prevent access to true information regarding voting irregularities:

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