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Talented Meme Maker, MAGS (@TAftermath2020), has been suspended by Twitter.

No reason given for the ban. Twitter are purging accounts that post against the election narrative and share potential evidence of voter fraud.

MAGS posted on his Parler that he thinks the ban was for tweeting this CNN meme:

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"Public opinion is remarkably accurate in its prognostication, With regard to its judgment, when two speakers of equal skill are heard advocating different alternatives, very rarely does one find the people failing to adopt the better view or incapable of appreciating the truth of what it hears.” - Discourses On Livy

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    That is why our government was founded with 3 branches. To have discourse, move slowly and to exhaust all alternatives. Sadly, the main floor of discourse, the House, has been hijacked to the point of no discourse unless to approve misguided legislation. We must drain the swamp and return to free thought and speech, or lose America forever to the radical left Marxist minority.

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