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The masses grow weary of internet censorship and even more so as social media giants Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook continue cracking down on free speech among their users. 

Parler, the self-proclaimed “Free Speech Platform” has gained an astonishing amount of new users and is smashing it’s competitors across all app stores. 

The vocal Parler investor, Dan Bongino, said the service was adding “thousands to users per minute” as of Sunday.

And prominent conservatives are taking note.

Dinesh D’Souza has gained nearly as many followers as he has on Twitter in a few weeks:

As 73,000,000 people who just voted in the U.S. Elections made a loud rebuke of the mainstream media after months of grooming votes for Biden, right-leaning social media users are now rebuking conventional platforms. 

According to Deadline, Parler membership has doubled itself in a little over a week. 

“The Henderson, NV-based company, founded in 2018 by computer programmers John Matze and Jared Thomson, says its membership swelled to about 8 million from 4.5 million in just the past week. Parler’s app is the No. 1 download in the Apple iOS and Android stores, according to measurement firm Sensor Tower. Other social media players like Gab or MeWe have similarly benefited from conservative angst about Silicon Valley’s [censorship] but Parler’s gains have been the most significant of any alternative outlet to date.”

Some liberal outlets covering the mass exodus are claiming that the new numbers won’t stick. Parler was only born a few years ago and will continue improving the site to be more friendly to users. The site could very well be the next billion dollar company as long as it remains valuable to it’s consumers: those sick and tired of censorship.

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