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Tim Pool, who began his career livestreaming Occupy Wall Street protests, has really leaned into internet censorship. On Thursday, Pool had Alex Jones participate in his live podcast, Timcast IRL. 

They spoke about a wide array of topics, from the lockdowns and election, to socialized medicine and The Great Reset. 

Well, Alex Jones tried to speak, anyway. 

The entire 3 1/2 hour livestream was really an attempt for Tim Pool and company to try and fact-check Jones in real time, constantly interrupting him and even shushing him like an annoying parent would their toddler.  

The next day, YouTube pulled the episode down from their site. Tim Pool took to Twitter to celebrate this as some victory:

Pool claims that YouTube banned the video because of a segment where Alex Jones likened socialized healthcare to “firing squads” as he explained other, already socialized medical systems, death panels. Many, including Jones, recognize the inherent risk of letting the government decide who has the right to live or die. History tells us that when governments are awarded that authority, it doesn’t take a lot of time before eugenics take over and mass graves appear.

Pool was horrified by the language and scolded Jones claiming that some listeners may hear Alex Jones’ hyperbole and “go crazy”.

Which says a lot about what Tim Pool thinks about his own viewers. 

Tell me, who is the bigger idiot? The one that believes Alex Jones at face value or believing that every person who hears Jones is incapable of distinguishing between conspiracy theories and reality, hyperbole and fact, therefore Jones must be banned from all popular platforms to keep people safe.

Who is the biggest idiot in that scenario? Tim Pool.

Celebrating his own censorship because he came across as an insufferable, pearl clutching cunt when confronted with Alex Jones and his stronger convictions that left Pool visibly shaken, is a new peak of Big Tech masochism. Rumors are circulating that Tim Pool self-censored the episode.

The livestream was uploaded to BitChute and can be viewed here:

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