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Former Connecticut Attorney General and current Senator Dick Blumenthal was present at the Congressional hearing for Big Tech today and didn’t hold back his pleas to censor conservative voices. 

One particular exchange, Blumenthal can be heard suggesting that Facebook should follow Twitter’s lead and ban Steve Bannon after some off-color remarks the War Room host made about Dr. Tony Fauci.

Sen. Blumenthal is only one of several Democrats who decide to use Tuesday’s Senate hearing with Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to advocate for stronger censorship for “hate speech and politically violent rhetoric.”

Of course, the same Democrat senators remain oblivious to the same rhetoric used by their own, most notoriously the image of Kathy Griffin holding a realistic and graphic beheaded Trump head. 

Or The New York Times which recently shared this imagery:

The problem isn’t “Community Standards”, it’s that Big Tech is still allowing some conservative voices to slip through the cracks. 

Despite rampant censorship on all major social media platforms, conservatism is spreading. The Daily Beast  reported that the “online chatter” about Hunter Biden’s laptop trumped that of Hillary Clinton’s emails the same period before the 2016 election. 

The only difference being, social media was able to successfully censor many amplifying accounts. Media Research Center was able to study the effect this had and concludes that the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story netted his father, Joe Biden, votes that he wouldn’t have received if voters had equal access to the information. Thus the problem with censorship. 

Democrats will remain desperate to censor their political opposition, not for any ethical reasons – but because their own messaging falls flat when faced with counter-viewpoints. Instead of improving their own arguments, they want to silence ours. Maligning conservative ideas and rhetoric as “disinformation” or “hate speech” is just a war tactic. 

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