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This evening, the Trump Legal Team issued a vague statement being interpreted as them trying to distance themselves from Attorney Sidney Powell:

This news quickly spread across the internet, the liberal media reacting with glee, the conservative pundits reacting with mostly confusion. Sidney Powell’s name became the #1 trending topic. 

Immediately after the headlines began about the Trump Legal Team press release, Twitter suspended Powell’s official Twitter for 12 hours, as reported by General Flynn:

Searching through Powell’s recent tweets, one has been deleted:

It is being reported that the ban comes after she shared a link to a GNews article titled “The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP”.

The article itself lists the backgrounds of the voting software companies used in the 2020 Presidential Election and uses sources such as Wikipedia and the New York Times as well as and official government press releases but it does seem to solidify Powell’s recent statements that the fraud associated with these voting software programs has been “known for decades.”

Others who are also sharing the link are also being banned for 12 hours, and claiming citations for “sharing pornography” which is odd since Twitter actually allows pornographic images on their platform. 

Twitter is doing some serious damage control right now concerning this article which on face value seems just a reference article. 

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