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Twitter is out of control. 

The social media platform has blocked users from accessing Sidney Powell’s website Defending The Republic as well as a court document she filed late last night in the State of Georgia. 

American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg does a great analysis of the court filing:

The complaint repeats what Powell has said before about Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines being created to help Hugo Chávez win elections.  (You can learn more about Dominion’s history here.)

Powell quotes a Venezuelan whistleblower’s direct testimony about the two systems, including Chávez’s requirements that the software would hide vote manipulation from audits.  The computers were designed to enable virtually endless vote manipulation throughout the voting process, whether printing ballots, feeding them into the counting machine, or actually counting them.

The computers were also connected to the internet, so, when it came to data manipulation, no one had to be physically present with the computers.  The systems have been associated with election fraud in various countries.

The complaint in it’s entirety: 

Many are pointing out that what Twitter is doing constitutes as Obstruction of Justice

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