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Anna Slatz, a reporter for Rebel News and Post Millennial has had her Twitter account permanently suspended after a mass reporting initiative undertaken by trans-activists. 

Anna Slatz has been in the crosshairs of the deranged left for months, especially after her coverage of the George Floyd riots (and looting done in the name of the Fentanyl King) led to her arrest – a clear infringement of the U.S. right to a free press. 

From her statement thanking individuals who crowdfunded for her legal aid:

On June 8, 2020, I was arrested while covering the riots and looting in New York City that followed the police-involved shooting of George Floyd.

While taking footage of a burglary taking place at a Zara clothing outlet on Broadway, I was accosted by NYPD, who demanded I comply with curfew and vacate the area. Press was exempted from the city’s curfew, and I did have my Rebel News identification on me. I was violently manhandled by two officers, before finally being arrested on a sidewalk while I was attempting to back away from the crowd which had surrounded me.

Though looters with backpacks full of clothes and other stolen items were within reach, NYPD chose to arrest me along with a handful of other bystanders who were simply witnessing the chaos. And while actual criminals were released within hours of their arrests, I was held for almost 48 hours before being allowed to speak to a judge.

Slatz made the following statement in regards to her Twitter suspension: 

Controversy surrounded statements that Slatz made about Ellen aka Elliot Page who up until 48 hours ago was a white female but now is requiring strangers to refer to her as a man. 

It’s absurd that a tiny minority within society can force transgendered issues onto the public and then also not allow the public the freedom to express their opinion regarding trans policies. 

In one twisted sense then, Ms. Anna Slatz is having her voice silenced by a privileged white male. 

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